Family Consultations

Are you looking for guidance on how to best support a loved one with disabilities? I meet with families to form strategies around:

  • Implementing AAC and other communication supports.
  • Creating opportunities for your family member to self-advocate and make independent choices about their lives.
  • Planning steps for the future to meet their life goals (including goals around independent living).

IEP & Special Education Consultations

It is important that a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals affirm neurodiversity and support the student’s ability to navigate life with a disability, including building self-advocacy skills. I offer consultation services for families and school teams, which include but are not limited to:

  • Attending family and IEP team meetings.
  • Reviewing documentations.
  • Providing general recommendations.
  • Proposing IEP goals.

Business Consultations

Access barriers in businesses and organizations may prevent people with disabilities (including autistic and nonspeaking people) from participating in programs or accessing services provided by the organization. I meet with organizations to identify and address areas that could be improved, including by:
  • Forming recommendations to address the organization’s access barriers.
  • Developing disability services to be more neurodiversity-affirming and strengths-based.
  • Translating materials into plain language or Easy Read texts.

Academic Research Consultations

I am available to consult on academic research projects related to autism, I/DD, and communication disabilities. This could include:

  • Providing individual consultations.
  • Serving on community boards.

Public Speaking

I present to and train professional groups including teachers, speech language pathologists, medical professionals, disability service professionals, pre-service professionals, and parent/caregiver groups. These trainings and presentations are typically focused on teaching best practices that support people with I/DD and/or communication disabilities, with an emphasis on forming concrete service strategies.

I am available for in-person consultations within the Twin Cities metro area, and online/virtual consultations both within the USA and internationally.

Looking for support with something not listed here? I might be able to help!